What are Guarantor Loans?

As the name suggests, guarantor loans are the type of personal loans where you need a guarantor to co-sign the debt agreement to be eligible and get approved. You can borrow between £500 and £10,000 at repayment terms starting from 1 year to 5 years. In terms of cost, the average Representative APR for guarantor loans is at around 50%. Compared to other quick personal loan products such as logbook loans and payday loans, guarantor loans win with its lower and more affordable interest rate.

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Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for a guarantor loan, you must be of legal age (18 years old or above) and a resident of UK. In terms of employment, people who are self-employed, working part time or full time are welcome to apply. You'll also need to get a guarantor who is of legal age, a resident of UK and has good credit. The guarantor can be anyone including family members, friends or colleague who is willing to back you up with your application. The guarantor cannot be someone who is financially linked to you like your spouse.

Again, if you have bad credit, don’t worry about. You can apply for a guarantor loan provided that you and your guarantor meet the basic requirements.

Why Choose Guarantor loans?

  • While there are other personal loans that also promise quick cash, guarantor loans are considered superior because of several advantages.
  • Guarantor loans, for one, do not require any credit checks. If bad credit has been giving you headaches, getting a guarantor loan can put a stop to that. As long as you have a guarantor who has good credit and can back you up with your application, loan processing should be a breeze.
  • Unlike payday loans, guarantor loans offer a more flexible loan amount and term. Whether you need £500 for overdue bills or £5,000 for a major investment, a guarantor loan should be able to meet your needs. You are also free to set your repayment term in a way that is most comfortable for your budget.
  • Guarantor loans also promise fast and convenient processing. With lenders setting up online portals, wherever you are in London, you can now apply from the comforts of home. Granted that you have the requirements ready, you can almost always expect for same day approval.

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